Facilitation - the foundation of everything we do

At the foundation of every service we provide is our tailored facilitation methodology.  Built on the premise that a group of minds can solve the hardest problems, achieve consensus and deliver brilliant results.  The outcomes our clients are achieving evidences the benefits of our structured approach to planning and problem solving.

Why Use a Facilitator

There are many good reasons to use an independent facilitator:

  •  they will bring a strutured approach
  •  they will keep discussion on track
  •  they won't be seen to have a conflict of interest or represent any one view
  •  they will ensure everyone gets heard
  •  they will allow for collaboration and innovation to thrive
  •  they will make sure you have fun
Gaining Consensus

One of the best results of an independently facilitated workshop is that the participants will leave with an agreed preferred future state.

A structured workshop ensures that collaborative behaviour comes to the fore. 

Using our tried and tested methodology of mixing the group up throughout the workshop is key to successful collaboration.

On the back of collaborative behaviour is consensus.

Breaking the Cylce

The greatest failings in meetings and workshops include:

  •  jumping to answers without considering the options
  •  deferring decisions to the next round
  •  dominant players dominating
  •  death by presentation

We pride ourselves in breaking the cycle so that meetings and workshops deliver value, generate preferred outcomes and set actions for achieving the way forward.