Case Studies - a sample of our work

Aviation Cluster: Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan
The Issue: The cluster had been operating for some time.  There was a wide cross section of stakeholders from Government, industry and industry associations with a formal governance structure.  Agreement on the strategic direction and priority activities had been difficult to establish.  As a significant amount of time had elapsed, resources were being consumed but little in the way of deliverables had been achieved.
The Outcome: Two sessions were held, an initial one day strategic planning workshop and then 90 days later a follow up review workshop was conducted.  As a result, the cluster agreed on one year and three year strategic milestones, agreed on each person’s responsibilities for delivery of the milestones, agreed on the enabling activities to allow the strategies to be achieved and set in train a governance structure to monitor progress against the plan.
Federal Government Department – Workshop Facilitation
The Issue:  Two Federal Government Departments plus a number of external delivery organisations from across Australia were in discussions over the intent of two related policies, the deliverable outcomes and the program delivery.
The Outcome: An agreed mechanism for referring applications for the program to the various agencies to ensure the intent of the policy was achieved.  Prior to this an ad hoc approach was in place with differing implementations and hence results in the different jurisdictions.  Those implementing the program tightened up their approach and policy outcomes became more effective with additional transparency.  The Minister was engaged with a view to improving the policy.
Federal Government Department – Project and Implementation Plan
The Issue: The Department was required to have a Cabinet Submission completed within an extremely tight timeframe.  A cross section of stakeholders were involved and success relied upon integration and co-ordination of all their related activities as well as working collaboratively with a large number of other departments.  At that time agreement on a joint effort to achieve the outcomes had not been established and the timeframe looked unlikely to be achieved.
The Outcome: A one page plan was prepared during the one day workshop.  All parties agreed to the plan and to who would take responsibility for each component of the plan.  The plan included 30 day milestones, critical supporting activities and key success measures.  This provided for those involved to take ownership of the plan, to work together for the success of the project, to measure progress and to communicate with others needed to support the plan.
Organic Food Group – Strategic Marketing Plan
The Issue: A government funded group of growers, wholesalers, retailers, industry associations and government representatives had been working together for some time.  They had developed a comprehensive strategic plan but were struggling to agree on how to put the “meat on the bones” for each part of that plan. They identified a strategic marketing plan as an important first step towards achieving their objectives including moving to a self funding model when the government grant finished.
The Outcome: Using our model a strategic marketing plan was agreed at a one day workshop.  The plan identified the key decision points, the short and long term milestones. The team agreed on who would lead each of the milestone action plans, the key issues to be managed for each activity and the what, how and when for each.
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